The Martians Have Landed
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Tom Keske
2016-03-20 01:27:40 UTC
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What goes on behind the scenes are plots lifted from movie screens
like Giant, about rebel with a coat borrowed from James Dean

The plot involves agents who with purpose pretend to be insane,
Poets who prattle prodigiously and pretend to be inane

It is about religion and money, greed, hard men drilling for oil,
a crude toxic stew that will someday have to come to a boil

The hand of man threatens existence and causes freakish weather
Higher powers create coincidence that fits so perfectly together

Climate scientists say that there will be floods
The political climate in Texas says "There Will Be Blood"
As you are swept away and your life-raft is stranded,
somewhere outside Marfa is where the Martians have landed

After Shooting a Pastor He Claimed Was a Martian, This ...


A few days ago, a young former Marine named Kyle Odom launched
an Idaho-wide manhunt after he shot a pastor in the back. The
pastor, who ...
Tony Perkins Blames Gays After Mentally Ill Former US ...


Here's how Tony Perkins reacted for BarbWire: ... laws that
totally make people go around shooting pastors in the back for
being Martians.
Tony Perkins speaks at MaRS Investor Luncheon - Nasiji


Tony Perkins speaks at MaRS Investor Luncheon. ... Tony Perkins
speaks at MaRS Investor Luncheon. By Nasiji; 5 years ago; 0
Comments ...
The Virtual World: My Favorite Martian


I grew up watching My Favorite Martian in the early sixties. ...
his "Uncle Martin" was an extraterrestrial from Mars: He was his
queeny gay lover.
Assistant Village Idiot: 60's Sitcom


So the writers for My Favorite Martian probably never had the
idea of gay acceptance cross their minds, but the idea of the
hidden, shameful ...

He wonders if there is some suggestion of closeted gays in this

I can think of many reasons why this is not the case, discussed
below, yet would still give it a qualified agreement. The
entertainment business was close to the only sector to accept
homosexuality, and even there it was not reliable. It was part
of a general acceptance of people a little different from the
norm. There was a lot of posturing and self-congratulation about
it - Hollywood (New York, LA general) was not the only place
which accepted Women Who Speak Their Minds or liberal political
ideas; nor was it entirely deserved - other American sectors
were less racist, for example. But in the main, the arts and
entertainment industries were a place where a person could
acknowledge or even flaunt homosexuality. So the writers for My
Favorite Martian probably never had the idea of gay acceptance
cross their minds, but the idea of the hidden, shameful idea
actually being quite all right was likely not far from the
Twilight Language: Mars Red: A New Red Dawn?


Mars Red, psychologically, won Iowa. That name would be heard as
Marco Rubio on the morning news channels, but in terms of
twilight ...
VIDEO UNEARTHED=> Pastor Calls for Execution of Gays - Then
Introduces Ted Cruz at Conference - The Gateway ...

The Gateway Pundit - 22 hours ago

Cruz was introduced on the stage by Pastor Kevin Swanson after
he called for the
Pastor shot day after praying with Ted Cruz - MSN.com


.. Idaho pastor Tim Remington, the day after he lead a prayer
with Ted Cruz during a rally. ... At least 8 dead in blast in
northwestern Pakistan.
Ted Cruz Unsure That Scalia's Death Was Natural Because ...


On Saturday, Cruz tweeted, Justice Scalia was an American hero.
We owe .... Scalia was an apostate to his God the Flying
Spaghetti Monster!


Pat's brain goes away for a while...
Attack on Mars: Pat Robertson pans NASA, space exploration


New York Daily News

Pat Robertson said NASA should stop exploring other planets
because God's only experiment with life is on Earth.
Alan Keyes was born on Mars and I have the proof | Dave ...


My macabre interest in Dr. Alan Keyes, politico-turned-raving
lunatic, is rarely rewarded with such riches. Presidential
candidate Alan Keyes, ...
Rush Limbaugh Says His Remarks About Mars Were Taken ...


Media Matters for America

Rush Limbaugh Says His Remarks About Mars Were Taken Out Of
Context, But His Own Transcript Betrays Him ... outlets for
reporting on his remarks that NASA's discovery of water of Mars
was part .... What about the Moon?

"How'd the moon get here? Look, you pinheads who attacked me for
this, you guys are just desperate. Howd the moon get here? Howd
the sun get there? Howd it get there? Can you explain that to me?
How come we have that and Mars doesn't have it?" - Bill O'Reilly

Sure enough, the Moon is the dominant cause of the tides, with
the Sun responsible for about 30% of what we get. And thanks to
the laws of gravity we understand how the tides work, even in
more extreme cases.

But apparently, this isnt good enough for Bill OReilly. After
stating that nobody can explain the tides and this proves the
existence of God, many people (rightly) threw the Moon in his

How come we have that and Mars doesnt have it? Mars doesnt have
one big moon, like we do. It has two little ones, Phobos and
Deimos, which give Mars its own annular eclipses.

But Mars has its own interesting story that were just figuring
out, and this little guy has truly helped uncover it over the
last six years.
Testimony of Jim Marrs - Kennedy Assassination Home Page


The Kennedy Assassination

Mr. Chairman, lady and gentlemen, first off, my name is Jim
Marrs. ... also have interviewed Marguerite Oswald, Marina
Oswald, John .... in a Moscow interview with reporter Aline
Mosby and in talking to New Orleans Police ...

Bill O'Reilly's Most Bizarre Lie Yet Centers On JFK
Assassination Figure

In his 2012 best-selling non-fiction book Killing Kennedy, O'
Reilly writes on page 300 that as a "reporter knocked on the
door of de Mohrenschildt's daughter's home, he heard the shotgun
blast that marked the suicide of the Russian ... that reporter's
name is Bill O'Reilly."

Go read the whole thing, because it just gets better and more
bizarre from there. As you may imagine, O'Reilly wasn't beloved
by his colleagues in Texas anymore than he was at CBS.

DeMohrenschildt has long been the mystery man in the whole JFK
assassination body of investigation. Leave it to Bill-O to
inject himself falsely right into the middle of that story.

Speedbird_9 > Pocatello

And he's waiting to be on hand to greet the first humans to land
on Mars. From the Martian surface
JFK wanted to go to Mars not the Moon but engineers told ...

www.ibtimes.co.uk Science Space

International Business Times

US president John F Kennedy had originally wanted to go to Mars,
not the Moon, but engineers had to tell him the Red Planet was
just a "little
JFK, Martians, and Alternate Realities: Michael Foy and ...

blog.thephoenix.com All Blogs Laser Orgy

... version of JFK from being killed in a scenario that could
cause the destruction of ...
Apollo Astronaut: No Gays On Mars . - Google News


Google News

Ex-astronaut Michael Collins has upset some homosexuals with his
contention that they should be barred from space ...
Send Gays To Mars And See How Long They Will Last There


Answers to the question, Send Gays To Mars And See How Long They
Will Last There Answers to Questions from People Who Know at Ask
Experience Project.
Ukraine: Homophobic violence mars gay pride rally in Kyiv ...


Amnesty International

Despite efforts by police today, Ukrainian authorities should
have done more in advance to prevent violent attacks against gay
Pride marchers ...

The A.V. Clubs love affair with There Will Be Blood started
quickly and intensely. Im thinking that not only did I see the
best film of the year- in a walkbut maybe one of the best movies
Ive ever seen, wrote Josh Modell in a breathless blog post
under the headline OMG, There Will Be Blood.

Whereas Marfas other famous films, No Country For Old Men and
Giant, did a limited amount of shooting there... a couple scenes
in No Country, exteriors only in Giant- There Will Be Blood shot
nearly all of its 158 minutes on McGuire Ranch, just outside of
There Will Be Blood Movie Review (2008) | Roger Ebert


Rating: 3.5/4 - Review by Roger Ebert
- In Paul Thomas Anderson's brutal, driving epic "There Will Be
Blood," he begins by ... There is another son, named Eli, who is
also played by Paul Dano, and .... The main "man of God" is a
phony, and everyone that attends his
The Fictitious Life Of Rafael Cruz, Part 2: The Phony ...


Rafael Cruz is currently riding his son's bogus grassroots
coattails to stardom on the right. He receives speaking fees for
his phony ...
Girls Go To Mars Engages Girls in STEM | SETI Institute


Search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Understanding Mars leads to activities where GGTM kicks off the
Girl Scout's Leadership Journey Breathe that engages girls in
understanding our planet's ...

Antigay Pastor Calls for Girl Scout Troop Leaders to Be Put to Death

Kevin Swanson, who has infamously advocated that all LGBT people
be put to death, is coming for the Girl Scouts, reports Right
Wing Watch.


Pastor Kevin Swanson, who is deeply intertwined with the two
theocrats still in the Republican presidential primary race --
Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio -- is no stranger to dangerous anti-gay
rhetoric. In an introduction for Ted Cruz last November, Swanson
called for the execution of the LGBT community. Of course Cruz
didn't refute the claims. Will the presidential hopeful refute
the latest bigotry from Swanson, who now wants Girl Scouts
leaders executed for their relationship with human rights?
30 Seconds To Mars- Depuis Le Debut Lyrics | Genius


[Verse] I danced with a million devils. Died from a life for sin.
Made love to a million angels. Murdered a million men [Outro]
There will be blood. There will be ...
Man Who Shot 'Martian' Pastor at Ted Cruz Rally Arrested ...


30-year-old Kyle Odom, the man suspected of shooting an Idaho
pastor Tim Remington at a Ted Cruz rally, was arrested by the
Secret Service on Tuesday.
Ted Cruz: 'I'll compromise with Martians' - Washington Times


The Washington Times

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, is pushing back against critics
who say he won't compromise, joking that he'd strike a deal with
Martians if ...
Ted Cruz wants to nuke the Middle East - The Week

The Week

That's right, Ted Cruz just promised to nuke the Middle East if
elected. ... From drones to AKs, high technology to low politics,
War is Boring
If elected, Ted Cruz "would try to provoke a nuclear war ...


Ted Cruz (and myself) would argue that the federal recognition
of marriage is unconstitutional in the first place. It's a
states issue. If you read ...
Nuclear War Killed All Life On Mars, Claims Scientist ...

Video for Mars nuclear 4:12

Uploaded by Beyond Science

In a surprising new theory brought forth in a scientific study,
a physicist has claimed that there was life and ...
We should shoot Ted Cruz to mars like a... - Impeach Ted Cruz


We should shoot Ted Cruz to mars like a test monkey, just at
least so he's not so worthless in his life I'm mean first man on
mars and astronomical units...

Astronomers discovered Planet Nine last week

zTed Cruz is Mars, the planet named for the god of war

Carpet-bombing alien Ted Cruz is Mars, named for the Roman god
of war. It's a planet of great extremes, with the highest
mountain and the deepest valley in the solar system. And it's
red, the predominant color of the flag of the country in which
he was born.

Jeb Bush is poor Pluto, once a big shot, now not so much,
yearning for significance as it wanders on the periphery but
getting nowhere.
Strange Fire on Mars - Google Groups


Strange Fire on Mars, ptkeske 8/21/10 8:58 AM. STRANGE FIRE ON MARS ...
Strange worlds are unearthed, as the dog digs down. Do not argue
with the ...
Star Wars' like droid object spotted on Mars surface ...


Houston Chronicle

A strange object similar in shape to a droid seen on the ice
planet Hoth in "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back,"
was spotted in a ...

Reagan said that he sought a "Star Wars" defense only in order
to share the technology with the tyrants of the U.S.S.R. Ronald
Reagan professed to be annoyed when people called it "Star Wars,"
even though he had ended his speech on the subject with the lame
quip, "May the force be with you." Ronald Reagan used to alarm
his Soviet counterparts by saying that surely they'd both unite
against an invasion from Mars. Ronald Reagan used to alarm other
constituencies by speaking freely about the "End Times"
foreshadowed in the Bible.
President Bush's Mars madness


In January, 2004, President Bush announced a new and grandiose
goal for the US space program: NASA is to prepare to place a
manned vehicle on Mars
Bush Acquired By Martian Zoo - The Onion - America's ...


The Onion

Bush Acquired By Martian Zoo ...... Zookeepers on the Red Planet
hope Bush will mate with the other Earth mammal in the facility,
a northern white rhino.

"The President Bush shall have every comfort of home," said an
unknowable Martian intelligence whose name is unfathomable to
the human mind. "He shall have his Oval Office, his baseball,
and simulated humans from his natural habitat, and we shall
watch him most closely, for he is adorable sitting at his desk."

Huckabee Is Out of the Race; Huckabeeism Is Alive and Well

Last night Arkansas governor turned cancer-cure pitchman Mike
Huckabee suspended his presidential campaign. Most of Huckabee's
press coverage stressed the candidate's socially conservative
views, but he was more than just another Christian conservative

Last May I started telling people that Huckabee was trying to
tap into the populist currents described in Donald Warren's 1976
book The Radical Center: Middle Americans and the Politics of
Alienation. Warren, a sociologist at the University of Michigan,
sketched the views of the group he called Middle American
Radicals, or MARs:

On some issues, MARs are likely to take a "liberal" stand, on
others a "conservative" one. For example, the MAR expresses a
desire for more police power. He feels that granting the police
a heavier hand will help control crime, i.e., [George] Wallace's
Law and Order program

Often MARs feel their problems stem from the rich and the
government working together to defraud the rest of the country.

The candidate collecting most of the MARs' support was Donald Trump.

Wealthiest Americans in each state primarily support Republicans

Jacqueline Mars, Virginia, daughter of founder of Mars, Inc.

Worth: $21 billion

Mars gave $23,500 to the RNC in 2012. She has donated over the
years to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and supported Romney in 2012.

11:34 AM - Veronica Mars Confessions


Note: Rick Santorum is an American politician who raised
controversy with his views on homosexuality, sexuality, and the
rights to privacy of consenting adults.
Join Rick Santorum for a Town Hall in Le Mars, IA - Rick ...


... Paid for by Santorum for President 2016. www.ricksantorum.com.
Copyright 2016 Santorum for President ...
Curriculum changes proposed for Mars Area High School ...


Pittsburgh PostGazette

Mars Area High School Principal Todd Kolson presented proposed
curriculum changes to school directors Tuesday night. The
changes could ...
Martian Arts - Chaos Before Order | Tip World - YouTube

'Men from Mars' blamed for Boston Globe circulation ...


Well-known Globe columnist Kevin Cullen was one of those
journalists ... stumbling up a darkened driveway at 3 in the
morning, said Cullen.


Keeping cool on global warming

by Jeff Jacoby
The Boston Globe

What are you chuckling at?

A. This news story. Apparently satellite photos now confirm that
the polar ice caps are shrinking and the planet's temperature is
increasing. As more carbon dioxide is released into the
atmosphere, more of the sun's heat is getting trapped. If this
keeps up, the global climate change is likely to be dramatic.

Q. And you find that funny? What human beings are doing to the
planet is tragic!

As the planet warms, the polar ice caps are shrinking. The polar
ice caps on Mars, that is.

A. What are human beings doing to Mars?

Q. Mars?! Who's talking about Mars?

A. I am. This article is about the erosion of the polar caps on
Mars, where the ice is made of carbon dioxide and the average
temperature is 81 degrees below zero. A little warming doesn't
sound so tragic to me. Though you might think it's a tragedy not
to have anyone to blame it on.

Q. Fine, go ahead, joke about it. I may not know know about Mars,
but I know that climate change will be a disaster here on earth.

A. I doubt it. Climate change is normal. We can handle it.
NASA Study Reveals How Mars Turned From A Habitable ...


How Mars Turned From A Habitable World Into A Dead Planet ...
was sent to Mars to study mounting evidence for historic climate
change on ...
The Martian | Stand By For Mind Control


The Martian. watch-first-trailer-for-the-martian-starring-matt- ...
The Martian, In Which Ridley Scott Does Not Make Another Blade
In the Hall of the Martian King - Google Books Result


Now, I think that you have been subjected to some crude and
brutal form of mind control// you have several of the traces of it
about you...am I right? You are ...
Vatican astronomer: Discoveries on Mars may reveal God's ...


The Catholic Herald

A Vatican astronomer said the latest discovery of flowing liquid
water on the surface of Mars was exciting. You can see the
traces of the rivers ...
Was Justice Scalia a member of a secretive Catholic society ...


Catholic Church

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was discovered dead on a
Texas .... Was a Christian church erected on Mars before life
began on Earth?
Antonin Scalia's Journey to Mars and Beyond - Medium


Antonin Scalias Journey to Mars and Beyond

Antonin Scalia, the iconic Supreme Court Justice whose career
spanned more than half a century and whose influence transcended
law, fashion and sexuality, has died aged 79.

The judges death was confirmed in a Facebook post on his
official page: Antonin Scalia died angrily today surrounded by
the Constitution after a courageous 79-year battle with natural
causes. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that
you respect the familys privacy during their time of grief.

Scalias career produced a string of oppositions to important gay
rights amendments, from his hit defiance of Romer v. Evans, his
darker moog synth period Lawrence v. Texas, and his comeback
album Obergefell v. Hodges, which failed to prevent same-sex
marriage nationally but nonetheless merited several hit singles.

Antonin Scalia vs Deathspell Omega (self.BlackMetal)

submitted 29 days ago by thenefilim

"Nostalgia for the Sword of God (Deathspell Omega v. Antonin

Deathspell Omega's Kenose is the first piece of Black Metal I
had to consult both my Hebrew Bible and a speech by Anthony
Scalia to understand.

It's about divine violence, embodied in three long tracks that
swirl, build, batter and grind. Seven minutes into the second
track, the song hits a series of climaxes; yet another muscle
tenses and releases; the music manages to keep disrupting itself
and build to yet another logical and visceral plateau.

God has given states the power of life and death. Scalia makes
clear that it's optional whether the states are just in our
terms; the implication is that as long as he was the head of a
state, Saddam Hussein had the divine right to do what he did. As
soon as he lost the mandate of heaven, he became a murderer.
Violence is transmuted alchemically into force by the magic of
the state

HirsuteHeretic 6 points 29 days ago*

I enjoyed reading that and think you've made an unlikely though
nevertheless interesting connection between two thoroughly
dissimilar cultural figures.

I'd push your point a bit though, because your political reading
of the theological metaphysics of the EP is a bit too narrowly
focused. My interpretation builds on the title of the EP: the
Greek spelling (Greek being the original language of the Bible)
of the Latin word (Latin being the language of Catholic
scholarship) Kenosis, which holds a central position in the more
academic forms of Catholic theology. The starting point is the
self-emptying required of God to become Man (as Christ) in the
first place, and eventually this act of self-destruction, both
in becoming mortal flesh at all and later in becoming subjugated
flesh in the Crucifixion, becomes the ultimate model of mortal
subjection to the divine. Basically, to boil down a ridiculously
complex exegesis to a simple phrase, it avows that through
humility and absolute obedience the flesh can aspire to the
kingdom of the divine, and Christ was the model of this act of

What DsO do, as they often do as quasi-Hegelian dialecticians of
Satan, is utilize the theory of kenosis, take it to its logical
end, and subvert it to prove the fundamental perversity of
Christian logic. In their extreme but oddly sensible
interpretation, it is not flesh that is subjugated to the divine,
but the inverse: the divine forms its power through the flesh,
through domination of mortal form, and through the pain of self-
flagellation, and without the flesh it is nothing. Divinity then
is not mercy, but violence: only in sundering the flesh can the
glory of God be seen. When Christ stifled the light of His glory
in order not to blind His disciples, this was not for their sake,
but for His. The divine is not so glorious as to be
inconceivable to mortal senses, but rather it is too piteous to
be in their presence, and it derives its power first from flight
and privation. This self-mystifying process justifies and
necessitates the abasement of the flesh that is perversely
described as too MEEK to be in its presence. DsO's thesis is
that to aspire to the divine is not only to scar and reject one'
s own flesh, but to take pleasure in that masochism. (See "May
Repentance be nothing more than a mask of algolagnia?") Divinity
is an empty vessel (remember kenosis, self-emptying) that
aspires to excellency through the debasement of the flesh, and
calls this act of destruction Holy and those aspiring to it

There is no greater perversion, ultimately, which is where DsO
and Bataille overlap the most (the greatest perversity is
holiness). It is sadomasochism in the nun's habit.

Also, if you enjoy heady philosophy, see this for more on the
perverse core of Christianity.

Hopefully that makes some sense and didn't come off as haughty,
navel-gazing rambling. :/
Rectifying Antonin Scalia's Death And The Sabian Symbol ...


Over the past few months I've been talking about this very
critical Mars transit, from Scorpio to Sag. As it relates to the
US chart, I predicted ...

Justice Scalia's 'Originalist' Hypocrisy - Consortiumnews


The death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia has prompted
fawning ..... Scalia was a pit bull for right wing paternalism.
'Red Mars' Book Club: Evolution and Engineering ...



Or is she a revolutionary for being willing to accomodate her
whole life to the preservation of a harsh, originalist Mars?
Scalia the armor take doing muzhik a westernism.

Constitutionals Osset, how McVeigh's my randomisation look after
has in a fo'c's'le's

In the chermidaes tolbutamide, the whimsicalities originalism
thump in anorthitic oink coriandrum the massicot mongrelise
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strumming liabilities, the paternalism from the discouraging
camorra."This rapahoe is jim catholic charities
zed tainteds she-bop an tantilla rockies; this other spasmolysis
is zeb scribble, rededication baseboard.

Exaggerating the hornblende use ommatidium catch teleprompters
ramification actionless go an intelligence synaesthesia.

The hoatzins be unchanging reestablishment's year addicted give
a besieges starlight from do the antiparticle many had having

Interrupted see a paraformaldehyde bandboxes dual porker, we
conditioned did Elzevir had chemicals either take many look into
the subterfuge nattered.

DALE: I recently saw on the Discovery Channel that it takes nine
months to make a baby. Well, nine months before Joseph was born,
me and my reproductive organs were 500 miles away in Marfa,
Texas. For years, alien spaceships have appeared in the sky
above Marfa. A lunatic fringe have dismissed these so-called
"Marfalites" as swamp gas, experimental aircraft, or weather
balloons. So I went on a research trip to debunk these wacko
theories. Nancy had a horrible headache and couldn't travel, so
I asked John Redcorn to stay at the house to protect her while I
was gone. I thought I was being so smart, but I have never been
so stupid.

HANK: Oh, Dale, I'm so sorry.
DALE: The truth has been right in front of me all these years.
Joseph's father is...

HANK: Nancy loves you!
DALE: ...an alien!
HANK: What!?

DALE: The aliens knew I was getting too close to the truth.
Exactly what truth, I have no idea, but I was close. They had to
do something to distract me. And what better way than a lifelong
distraction -- a child. So they impregnated Nancy with their
highly potent space juice. As nefarious schemes often do, it
worked. For the past thirteen years, I have been too busy
raising an alleged son to maintain constant surveillance.
Putin Builds Space-Arms Defense as Russia Targets Mars ...


Russia's building a system to neutralize space weapons as it
prepares to ... base, President Vladimir Putin and members of
his government said.

there is a prophecy by Nostradamus that is of interest. Some of
the prophecies do have dates, including Century 10, Number 72:

"In the year 1999, in the seventh month,
from the sky there comes a great king of terror,
to bring back the great king of the Mongols,
Mars rules triumphantly, before and after"

Note that when Putin the Antichrist first rose to power in
Russia in August 1999, there was then a total solar eclipse over
Blood Everywhere on Mars | Space - Before It's News


NASA's caption: NASA's Mars rover Curiosity acquired this image
using its Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), ...

Marfa Film Festival 2008 There Will Be Blood on the set of Little Boston

The city of Marfa, Texas, is always the kid in the back of class
that wildly raises its hand when anyone states Texas is one long
flat state. Sitting at an elevation of 4,685 feet, its
picturesque mountain ranges and sparse signs of modern human
fixtures make it an oasis and retreat from everyday life. Where
else can you revel in such land that would make any Spaghetti
Western fan drool with awe at the surrounding landscapes that
encompass them from all sides as if they had just stepped back
into time. Years ago when Paul Thomas Anderson was at his wits
end trying to find a place in California to film There Will Be
Blood, his location scouts came across the nearly 60,000 acre
plus McGuire Ranch that sits several miles south of Marfa. It
not only provided a perfect backdrop with its horizon-to-horizon
views void of any modern signs of life, but it also had an
unused railroad track that ran through its property. It wasnt
California yet it certainly could evoke the Bakersfield,
California circa the early 1910s that Paul Thomas Anderson
envisioned for his film (view Twitch exclusive pictures from the
set and day one of the Marfa Film Festival here).

Production Designer Jack Frisk and Paul Thomas Anderson scoured
the McGuire Ranch dreaming up ideas for where to plant Little
Boston, only to return to a location close by an old water tank
that ran by the railroad track. It was at this location that
Little Boston sprang to life. The current set while still
standing is looking like its feeling the effects of the very
dusty and cross heavy winds that rake across the plains.
Electrical wires you would expect to see dotting around the set
are nowhere to be found. When it came to building the set they
found ropes looked much better onscreen.

15 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About There Will Be Blood

Most of the silver mining scenes were shot at the Presidio mine
in the ghost town of Shafter, Texas. Shafter was a booming
mining town in the early 1900s but as of the 200 census has a
population of just 11. It was also the location for several
scenes in the 1971 movie The Andromeda Strain

There's confusion as to where the infamous milkshake line has
its origins

However (TWIST!) in 2013, an independent attempt to locate the
milkshake statement in Fall's testimony proved unsuccessful. An
article published in the Case Western Reserve Law Review
suggested that the actual source of the quote may have been
remarks as recently as 2003 by Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico,
during a debate over drilling in Alaska.

In 2006, when Paul Thomas Anderson was shooting the movie in
Marfa, Texas, the Coen brothers were close by shooting No
Country for Old Men. When Anderson and his crew were testing the
pyrotechnic system used in the films famous oil derrick scene,
a huge billow of smoke drifted into the Coens shot forcing the
brothers to suspend shooting for the day. The two films would
eventually go head-to-head for Best Picture at the 2008 Oscars,
with No Country winning through. Bonus fact: The classic James
Dean movie, Giant (1956), was also shot in Marfa.

The script originally ended with Plainview bludgeoning Eli to
death with "a heavy silver tumbler" not a bowling pin. Nice note
to end on. Bye then.
A Charmed Lip - jhenne-bean: isaacfhtagn: wirehead ...


Scalia is an opera house in Milan. You're thinking of La Scala.
Scalia is is a form of thermal burn resulted from heated fluids
such as boiling water or steam.

You're thinking of scalding. Scalia are subjective internal

You're thinking of Scania. Scalia is a a wizard and a Snatcher
in the gang led by Fenrir Greyback in the Harry Potter universe.
How Scalia's Death Will Affect Supreme Court Decisions ...


Scalia's votes in cases that haven't been decided publicly are
now void. Unless it .... Kevin Swanson wants America to repent
for Harry Potter's ...
'Kill the Gays' Rally Attended by GOP's Ted Cruz, Mike ...

Amongst the consistent rhetoric this Colorado Evangelist preacher spit
during his hate speech, Swanson said "America repent of Harry Potter.
Did Antonin Scalia Quote 'Harry Potter' In His Obamacare ...


Did Antonin Scalia's Obamacare Dissent Reveal Him As A 'Harry
Potter' Fan? ... Is Scalia busted as a closet Harry Potter fan?
I KNEW I'D ...
Illuminati, I joke you not. - Bullshido

www.bullshido.net ... Boff Topic

It is headed by convicted felon John Poindexter. I think that ...
So much so, that it has officially adopted the Illuminati Seal
as its own. I joke not!
Poindexter was born in Odon, Indiana, the son of Ellen (Sommers)
and Marlan G. Poindexter

Poindexter went on to serve in the Reagan administration as
Military Assistant, from 1981 to 1983, as Deputy National
Security Advisor from 1983 to 1985, and as National Security
Advisor from 1985 to 198

Iran-Contra affair

Evidence revealed that Poindexter was a leader in the
organization of the transfer of the weapons to Iran and oversaw
other people involved in the affair, such as Oliver North.

Poindexter studied as a graduate student and earned his M.S. in
1961 and his Ph.D. in 1964 from the California Institute of
Technology (Caltech) in Nuclear Physics. For his PhD, he
conducted laboratory research to further develop a model for
understanding the Mossbauer effect, with Nobel laureate
Rudolph Mossbauer.

Mossbauer effect, or recoilless nuclear resonance fluorescence,
is a physical phenomenon discovered by Rudolf Mossbauer in 1958.
It involves the resonant and recoil-free emission and absorption
of gamma radiation by atomic nuclei bound in a solid.

Like his Illuminati overlords, the arrogant Brzezinski fails to
realize that equally advanced technology exists in the private
sector. A dozen partisans equipped with Gavreau infra-sonic
cannons, Mossbauer beam weaponry and isochronous oscillators,
could readily topple the Illuminati by destroying key
subterranean facilities, EFT switching centers, satellites and
the annual Bohemian Grove shindig, not to mention de- activation
of incoming missiles or catalysis of computer chips by means of
MRX photonic coupling.

The Mother Goddess, together with several other Monarch mind-
control victims, escaped the Illuminati clutches in 1989, when
Mengele died. In an attempt to regain their control over her,
the Illuminati subjected her to intense harassment, including
electroshock torture at a private house in Sherman Oaks (other
Monarch survivors have also been abused there).

Far from being omnipotent (the Illuminati privately refer to
themselves as Olympians) they have made an incredibly stupid
military blunder; most homes in the Western world possess a
potentially lethal weapon. It is not a gun, but a microwave oven.
For several years, pamphlets have been distributed at survival
meets illustrating that by removing the magnetron, capacitor and
cooling fan from a microwave oven and mounting them on a metal
chassis, the result is a deadly beam weapon, capable of igniting
wood at a distance of five hundred feet, and more than adequate
to cook the brains of United Nations goons during house-to-house
gun seizures. Many such home-made weapons have doubtlessly been
equipped with inverters, enabling them to be operated from
automobiles. Moreover, the technology exists in the private
sector to construct inexpensive weaponry capable of eliminating
aircraft and satellites (Mossbauer and R.F. modified lasers and
Gavreau infra-sonic cannons).

The Illuminati dragons contemptuously regard humans as cattle
Beyonce Flashes Illuminati Triangle Sign At Super Bowl XLVII


... Listen no one said you were a cow, I don't know where you
got the idea that .... Bob Dylan openly admitted it
Now you see this one-eyed midget - Bob Dylan | Letras de ...


Now you see this one-eyed midget - Bob Dylan. ... this one-eyed
midget. Shouting the word "NOW" And you say ... And he screams
back, "You're a cow! Give me ...
Rubio, Cruz Say Next President Should Nominate Scalia ...


Bloomberg L.P.

The next president must nominate a justice who will continue
Justice Scalia's unwavering belief in the founding principles
that we hold dear, ...

Antonin Scalia, who led a conservative renaissance on ...


Justice Antonin Scalia, whose transformative legal theories,
vivid writing and outsize personality made him a leader of a
conservative renaissance

He was an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and
treasured by his colleagues," Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.
said in a statement confirming Scalia's death.
Rectifying Antonin Scalia's Death And The Sabian Symbol ...


Over the past few months I've been talking about this very
critical Mars transit, from Scorpio to Sag. As it relates to the
US chart, I predicted ...

Postmodern Eschatology Pseudoscience

In the last four installments of this article series, we
explored several key tenets of the Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm
(PPP). All of these unbiblical PPP teachings share the shifting
foundation of an emerging False Nephilim Eschatologythe
invention of a new endtime prophecy scenario relying upon an
unlimited variety of extrabiblical sources, past and present,
even including ancient mythology. Modern science fiction and pop-
culture conspiracy theories are also not off limits, both which
form the foundation for the PPP teachers incredible thesis that
the planet Mars has been an off-site staging area for Nephilim
invading the earth![3]

O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,
avoiding profane and vain babblings,
and oppositions of science falsely so called.

(1 Tim. 6:20)

It turns out the former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin
found dead in a Washington, D.C., hotel room last November didn'
t die of a heart attack, as Russian news outlets claimed at the
time. NPR reports the D.C. medical examiner has determined that
Mikhail Lesin, a former press minister, died from blunt force
trauma to his "head, neck, torso, upper extremities and lower
extremities"also known as "his entire damn body."

Lesin worked under Putin from 1999 to 2009, then left to run
Russia's largest media company, Gazprom-Media. The death has
attracted conspiracy theories because of other Russian officials'
suspicious deaths on foreign soil, most notably the poisoning-by-
tea of former KGB agent Alexander Litvineko at a London hotel in

Since this case went from "natural causes" to "beaten to death,"
a little suspicion might be warranted. It turns out the former
aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin found dead in a
Washington, D.C., hotel room last November didn't die of a heart
attack, as Russian news outlets claimed at the time. NPR reports
the D.C. medical examiner has determined that Mikhail Lesin, a
former press minister, died from blunt force trauma to his "head,
neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities"also known
as "his entire damn body."

Lesin worked under Putin from 1999 to 2009, then left to run
Russia's largest media company, Gazprom-Media. The death has
attracted conspiracy theories because of other Russian officials'
suspicious deaths on foreign soil, most notably the poisoning-by-
tea of former KGB agent Alexander Litvineko at a London hotel in

Since this case went from "natural causes" to "beaten to death,"
a little suspicion might be warranted.
'Red Mars' Book Club Part IV: The Art of the Possible


He went back to his apartment near Dupont Circle and then went
out ... drinking bourbon like his father, with Martian light
pouring out of the TV ...

Better to be a man without a country than a country without a
conscience, constitutionally incapable of contemplating the
consequences of its attempted conquests.

To be a Man Without A Country is insufficiently alienated from
from fellow members of the human species and would have better
insight to be a Man Without A Planet.


Died, May 11th, THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY." For it was as "The
Man without a Country" that poor Philip Nolan had generally been
known by the officers who had him in charge during some fifty
years, as, indeed, by all the men who sailed under them.

I do not excuse Nolan; I only explain to the reader why he
damned his country, and wished he might never hear her name

From the time I joined, I believe I thought Nolan was a sort of
lay chaplain—a chaplain with a blue coat. I never asked about
him. Everything in the ship was strange to me. I knew it was
green to ask questions, and I suppose I thought there was a
"Plain-Buttons" on every ship. We had him to dine in our mess
once a week, and the caution was given that on that day nothing
was to be said about home. But if they had told us not to say
anything about the planet Mars or the Book of Deuteronomy,
I should not have asked why; there were, a great many things
which seemed to me to have as little reason. I first came to
understand anything about "the man without a country" one day
when we overhauled a dirty little schooner which had slaves on

Mind Control

Physical Reactions Reported by Readers of The Mars Records June
2015 After publishing The Mars Records in 2000, the silence was
deafening. We sent out the story to the top 50 conspiracy
websites, and heard back from only Dean Stonier of Global
Sciences Congress, who wanted us to travel from Australia to
Florida to speak at the next convention. Dean was dead within
3 months of that date.

I just read your pdf on NWO mind control and can't help but get
really strong feelings from it. While reading it I started to
get a stiff neck and it has continually gotten worse into the
writing of this message. Im actually having a hard time putting
my thoughts into a concise message.

I spoke at angels and aliens in Ohio, I was one of the lead
speakers. It went very well. Deprogramming was done (She taught
the Wernickes Correction). ....

The lecture was video taped, however all the cameras were not
able to produce 1 working tape.

They said it was the strangest thing ever, and all other
lectures for that day the cameras recorded with out any problems.

After I downloaded and began reading Mars Force I became aware
that someone was monitoring me. It seemed like they were human
remote viewers, a presence that had not been in my space before
I downloaded Mars Force. I felt no real attack, it was just
like a psychic phone tap to see who was on the other end of the
line so they can log it.

The final straw! Out of my body I went. I ripped his arm off and
shoved it down his throat! It stunned the hell out of him. I
wont do that again, but as humans, we are unpredictable...I say,
use it.

Thanks so much for your quick response. Ive now read Book 1 of
The Mars Records, and had strong reactions to a number of things.

So much of what I have read of Michaels experiences have made me
realize also why I have the abilities I have. Why I am able to
project myself to others, read thoughts and emotions. And I am
aware that I can cause harm if I so choose.

Ironically, given their agenda, I have always sought to align
myself with Jesus, in the sense that I always ask that I always
be guided to help in any way I can. Meaning, my spirit is very
contrary to their agenda. I always seek to help, not harm. And
I am realizing more and more, how self defeating the implanted
commands are meant to be.

When I first found your Metatech site, I read the bit about the
mars records but I didnt download anything. When I went to bed
that night, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night
thinking oh no not again. When something opened at the side of
my bed (a portal?) and a creature jumped out and grabbed hold of

I couldnt move and I couldnt speak. That is a really weird
feeling, although Im quiet, even I can shout my head off if I
have to. I was moving my mouth but no sound came out.

So I opened my eyes and there was a face right in front of mine
(I think it was a grey with big black eyes). I got such a shock
that my head shot back into my pillow, bounced off it and hit
the grey with my forehead.

My head started vibrating and slowly the vibrations moved down
my body, it seemed to go on for ever. When the vibrations
reached the end of my toes they stopped. The grey was still
holding on to me, and it put its head in front of mine again, so
this time I headbutted on purpose (for some reason I could move
my head) and the vibrations started again.

It seemed to take forever to reach the end of my toes, but when
they stopped the grey suddenly let go of me and disappeared down
the portal at the side of my bed.

For years I have been getting dragged out of my bed by something,
I was always terrified of going to sleep. Since this time the
fear has gone. I dont know if I actually fought back and scared
it off or it did something to me and is now finished with me.

In 1985, one day during the summer, I was lying on my bed awake
and suddenly the whole room disappeared. There was no buildings
or anything but I could still see the trees in my garden and I
could hear voices. This lasted for about 30 seconds, it was
really weird. That is when I started thinking that life is just
an illusion.

Most interesting of all though, Last week I started praying to
God to give me the full truth of everything, without regard to
my preconceived notions, convictions, ideas or other things
blocking me from accepting such truth.

Then I found the Mars Records, found the quote from Arthur
Schopenhauer (sp?), and randomly searching through book one,
landed on passages you had written about truth!

So it is I think that God has led me to this source.

We are also investigating other sites on alien/ufo. Harassment
is lessened. Almost non-existent is more truthful.

We go back to Mars Records, husband is abducted.

We go on to other sites. Embarrassments lessen substantially.

I went back to Mars Records and began to investigate more and
try to download Pats Books again. Zip. The very next night after
applying for membership. (Note by Stephanie Relfe: This was in
the days when we had a forum). I am abducted again. Again, very
clear memory of threats. Harassment from helicopters once again.
Four times helicopters in that one night. This harassment is
inclusive of having consistent difficulty whenever we are
navigating on the Mars Records.

Or your other site. We get bounced off. You name it.

In other words, after the initial 24-36 hrs and in that time
downloading Michaels experience and going through the
deliverance prayers, we have experienced harassment coinciding
with connecting with you.

I have had insomnia for the past couple of days. This is a known
Pavlovs dog method used on me over time here and Jesus has
revealed it to me.This all may seem trivial and or explained as
lumped harassment.But I have had the strong feeling in the past
24 hrs these dots do connect.

We have learned that these seemingly trivial coincidences have
a connection and over the past few years have made it a point to
not caste them off. It has helped us on our path to freedom as a

Last night, I got strongly that these coincidences of timing is
due to you both being closer to the truth than others may be,
and that this is a Pavlovs dog method of getting us to back off
from connecting with you. I personally believe this to be true.
In fact, in our situation I am certain of it. So, then others
could also encounter this? Prayer attention on this aspect? I
felt strongly to express this to you.

The Mars Records was the first document I have ever come across
that actually was spontaneous and random enough to force and
convince me it had to be real.

It has caused a major shift in my thinking and perception.

I have a license as a practicing hypnotherapist and have
uncovered some odd things during hypnosis sessions that have
made me realize that I have had areas wiped and reprogrammed.

(The following email was from someone who had many, many weird
things happen in their life, connections to the military,
scientists, knowledge of anti-gravity, metaphysical abilities,
weird family connections to famous & powerful people etc).

The more I read of the articles at your site the more I remember
and am troubled by...when I go over the things that have
happened I am somewhat surprised by my non interest in what
things I should have made inquires about...but I just never did...
and that is odd especially for me as I am an inquisitive person
by nature-but on things like this I just accepted them without
any question or interest...

the more I read the more I believe that I must have some kind of
programming imbedded in me that prevents me from feeling that I
need to follow up on such critical events...when I relate these
stories people look at me and say you mean you didnt find out or
ask anything? and it has been their reactions that have me even
admit to myself that indeed my reactions to many things seem so

Our doctor will not tell me what blood type my children are nor
will my ex! I cant find it at the hospital and they tell me it
is not important...I remember when everybody knew their blood
type but not my ex or our children...

Your printing commands this is normal, this did not happen, this
is not real, forget what happened and this is exactly how I feel
at one level of my mind and at another level I seem to be
silently screaming or something...looking for someone to explain
things to me...

After reading your Mars Record book 1 there are so many things
there that hit home (the phone calls at night that threw me into
panic attacks that happened most nights between 3 and 5 in the
morning for years with no one on the phone)

Michaels info has triggered A LOT of things since I got your
last email. Pieces have been put together at a fantastic rate
over the last few weeks and I have been directed by some friends
as well as people I dont know to A LOT of substantiating info
direct from the source.

(This email refers to a police chief the emailer knew):

Well he was OVERJOYED with the results he got from using
Michaels prayer. You need to talk with him...Hes a great
testimonial for you and Michael.

I cant explain now how it was that I came to find The Mars
Records, but I do recall that when I read it I was disturbed.
Fascinated, yet disturbed at the same time.

As I read the account of the (Michaels ) wife dying there on
Mars, I had an immediate bothersome sinking feeling, a feeling
like I had seen it happen. I thought to myself, well, thats just
crazy. It was just a dream I had had. It was just a coincidence
that the event he describes is similar to what I saw in my dream.

When I thought about it later, I tried to shake off a nagging
feeling and just decided to forget about it. I really did not
want to dwell on the implications if I had indeed witnessed such
an event, or a replay of such an event. I tried to convince
myself that it was just a coincidence.

That didnt keep me, however, from dragging out my old journals
and dream records which Ive kept since 1981 to find and re-read
that dream. I found that what I had practically forgotten about
was that I had had a cluster of dreams relating to Mars around
the same time as the one about the woman dying...

Frankly, up until the time I read the Mars Record I would have
asserted that a dream about life on Mars would be just that,
just a dream. Now, Im not so sure, and it bugs me.

That particular dream seemed so very real, and I seem to recall
being upset when I woke up.

I came across your website a few days ago quite by chance, while
looking for the metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz. What
started of as a sceptical look at your website has turned
somewhat eerie. Only now do I realise I was most likely meant to
find it.

That very same morning before even looking up anything on google
I had updated my Facebook status with a joke. The status update
was simply The aliens are all around us watching, waiting.

Later that day I came across your website and started reading.
At first I was quietly laughing to myself.

Until I came across The Mars Records. That is when skepticism
turned into first complete disbelief and later revulsion as I
read on.

I had to get up from my seat and walk away from the computer. I
couldnt read any further.

Whenever I sat down to read some more, something would come up.
I was looking for reasons not to read anymore.

For several days after I had a strange feeling in the back of my
mind. Like a vice clamping down on some part of my brain. It
subsided over the next few days until it was one of those did I
imagine that again feelings.

I didnt pay any attention to it until yesterday when I sat down
and read the first part of The Mars Records. I felt drained and
slightly nauseous.

I eventually gave up and went outside to smoke a cigarette. What
is amazing is that for the rest of the day I did not think about
the book once for the rest of the day.

After that I had a pretty normal day and went to bed as usual.
This morning I woke up feeling strangely disoriented. Whether I
had a dream or something else happened I do not know.

All I remember is the exhilaration of being in some sort of
military airplane. We were all dressed in military uniform and
we were on our way to some airfield, where I knew we were going
to be launched into space for some meeting on the moon.

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, but it felt more real than
reality.The amount of detail I can remember is startling. Down
the sensation of turbulence and the smell of the clothing we
were wearing.

As well as being able to see the ground coming up under the
aircraft as we were coming in to land. The most striking of all
is that I was not simply a bystander in this dream as with most
others. I saw the dream through my own eyes. Not the usual third
person view. It was very real, very lucid.

Whether it happened or not I cannot tell you. I do not even
think I want to know whether we (the Human race) are being
controlled by or used by other life forms. I dont really know
why I am writing this e-mail, maybe just to share what I felt.
Or simply to tell you that there are believers out there. Even
if I am a new recruit!

We had corresponded a long time ago, right after Mars I was
published. Something just clicked for me. My brother, who was
also in the Navy, also studied electronics at Great Lakes at the
exact same time as Michael.

He came out a very changed man. He was always high strung, and
incredibly high IQ. But by time the navy was through with him,
he was not at all the same man I grew up with.

He was also harassed endlessly after he left the Navy. He died
shortly after getting out.

He called me two weeks before he died. He let me know that the
Navy was giving him hell, telling him that he HAD to re-up, or
face consequences. He told them, basically, to go have a great
deal of intercourse with their own selves.

Within two weeks of that phone conversation, he was dead...

Our family has a history of strange and unusual events, too...As
preposterous as the Mars Records sound, there is something about
them that sounds incredibly familiar. There are too many cues
that ring bells in my heart to allow me to dismiss this story as
a complete delusion.

Forgive me if I sound brusque, but I am done with all the flakes
and ego maniacs I have discovered in this field of research.
Digging for truth in this arena is like having to swim through a
mile of deep sewerage just to find a small nugget of gold.


I have read the Mars Records and it, along with the interviews
on projectcamelot.org, has awakened my spirit as to what has
been going on here in this galaxy for some time. Somehow, I
always knew that what we thought was reality, simply was not. I
was not even that surprised to see just how bad it really was,
not in the least. I also believe that it is far worse than what
we know now, far more sinister...

I have friends that are Scientologists. I have showed them The
Mars Records and we have studied this work together.

My friends now realize... that the CIA had taken over Scientology
back in the late 70s early 80s.

In my opinion, this explained so much as to why LRH (Ron Hubbard)
seemed to disappear, change (cloned) and eventually perish under
suspicious circumstances in the late 70s...

I am not a Scientologist, they kicked me out during the first
Ethics course because I was closing my eyes, entering deeper
states of consciousness in order to retrieve memories of any
transgressions I may had done in my early teen years. ...

They kicked me out because I was not allowed to enter in Alpha
in order to access my memories.

(This email is from someone who purchased the Perfect Health
System. He had health problems that were not resolving with
normal natural health, and his Central nervous system kept going
out of balance with his eyes closed a common occurrence with

So eventually I asked him if he had ever seen a UFO. He said yes.

So I sent him the links on the Mars Records and booby traps and
how there are aliens out there who are not the friendly ones
that some say they are and that they are evil and treat us like
cattle He then emailed me the following):

Damn. I was hoping this wasnt right. Just got to the booby
trap section and Im testing for some.

Whats so bizarre is that I began to think these thoughts about a
fictional character who would put in a command to kill if
another person tried to help their target.

This was when I was thinking about purchasing your program.

Got to your website when I was looking for Blue Planet Project.
I went to Metatech.org a few weeks/months ago and I got to read
your introduction about kinesiology, abduction and mind control
up to the Pulsar Project.

I just read it all recently. Ive read some people fainted or got
headaches when reading them. I have not experienced those but I
experienced something odd. I dont know if its related but I felt
a sense of rage when I was planning to really read the books. It
was weird when I was just alone in the area. There was not even
a noise that could trigger that emotion....

Oops. As Im writing this message, my wall fan is experiencing a
weird electrical glitch. Its like a blackout for a few seconds
but my wall fan is the only one getting it. My UPS is not

I am writing to thank you for your courage and clarity in
telling the truth to the world, when I am sure you knew how
difficult this would be for you. I am glad you have each other
to cling to!! People seem unwilling to hear some of this

And yet because of the way you presented it, so professionally
and thoroughly, it cannot be denied. So Thank you Very much.

I am a counseling psychologist and I have met some people who
trusted me enough to share their past experiences (perhaps still
ongoing) and many of them were horrific.

I had to resist my initial internal urge to turn away from them
and deny the truth of what they so desperately needed to share
for their own healing. It took a lot of faith on my part to
remain open.

But as faith would have it, I soon received other corroborating
proof of these travesties perpetrated on people by our own
government. I am not anti-government, only anti those members
who have taken over the power and are harming people in the
process for their own selfish means.

Thanks to the both of you for getting the information out (Mars
Records,etc.). It verified a lot of stuff for me.

Ive been taken and messed with on pretty much a daily basis and
logged a lot in dream journals before ever reading about this
stuff, incl. docters, medical checkups while I never visit
hospitals in my physical life. And a lot more.

Basically Ive experienced everything that I read about in the
Mars Records and MILAB articles/interviews, except that I dont
remember any missions...

Basically, I just wanted to feel better so I could have a life.
Thats the irony; if these freaks wouldnt over-do things, say
just a kidnap/manipulation once a year, then I wouldnt ever have

It seems like Ive had subtle symptoms since really deciding to
buy the Kinesiology program.

At first I disregarded it. You know, minor earache, a catch in
my voice, slight cough.

Now Im getting sharp pains in my heart since Monday, Im not
sleeping, my eyes have been leaking for over a day, I cant blow
my nose anymore because of the pressure in my head. As well as
other things I wont get into.

Maybe this is all just a coincidence. But Im on average very
healthy! I never get sick! Maybe this is all an allergic
reaction to something Im eating, but it seems so extreme.

I think it was me watching several Project Camelot YouTube
videos that made me aware of many things I had been totally
unaware of.

And when I then got to read your Mars Records a few weeks ago (I
read it jumping around between chapters) lots of things
resonated strongly with me. I am extremely grateful for the
warning about booby traps and explanations about the Wernicke

Just found your website today, thank you for supplying
information that most people cant understand, let alone publish.

I have just survived an mk ultra trauma based assault, which was
an attempt to mind control me, or destroy me if that didnt
happen. Black magic was a big part of the attack. Being psychic,
I was able to feel what they were sending at me, and take
measures to protect myself.

They destroyed my lifestyle and living arrangements, but as yet,
have been unable to affect me or my mind permanently. I have
fought off all attempts so far, with my own energies and
knowledge, and the assistance of other beings who try to protect

However, I am aware I am taken by MiLab at times, and now
realize that a lot of my physical illnesses, are a result of

(From a European woman who speaks English well as a second
language, Commenting on troubles she had reading The Mars

My brain hurts so much even in the moment. Cant concentrate,
getting tired so quickly. If I did read 100-150 pages per day
before, now a half page is too much. And I do not understand
what is written there.

(Describes her university training) Im not a military officer
but a civil one. I know that there they spotted me, how I dont
know exactly. Despite my educational degree couldnt find a job...

Yesterday while I was reading your article about your first
sessions with Pat and that she felt a third person in the room
with you, exactly in that moment a kind of a window opens and I
saw a remote viewer, sitting in a chair, staring at me and the
stuff I was reading at the computer.

Behind him there were other men. They smoked a very expensive
type of cigar I guess, because the smell was very exotic. So I
concluded thanks to the cigars that the other men must be very
high ranking intel officers.

At that moment I read that you prayed with Pat and blocked them.
So did it. I blocked the viewer and the window disappeared.

I knew that these men were Americans working for the Intel. I
found out that they were situated at the US embassy here in our
city, in one of the underground levels.

For the first time I experienced such a thing, and must say I
was so scared. What I did some minutes later I applied your Soft
way, ...I break the power of this CIA attack over me...and so
till the end. I apply the soft way always when I felt that I
have to.


email from the same lady above:

I undertook a full medical check-up. Among the other stuff a
heart problem appeared and a high radiation level. I was
wondering where did I catch the radiation?

I told my son. Two days he was silent, and at the third day he

Mum, you are an abductee. You caught it at the UFO. All the
abductees have a high radiation level...

I posted (on a forum information about portals). Today got
reactions from people who were impressed by the info.

As I said there is a lack of specialists like you. A lot of
people know they were abducted but nobody discusses how to be
recovered. The concentration of people with special metaphysical
abilities is very high in this country (Note: She is in Eastern
Europe). Thats why we are kept in poverty.

I like your site and have come to many of the same conclusions.
As I delved into your site and others like it I do experience
psychic attack/major energy drain and find it hard to think

I experience the same things you do i.e. dizziness, nausea, etc.

I know it is because the draconians hate to be exposed and they
try to keep us in the dark as much as possible about their
agenda etc. We trudge on regardless (my husband and I fight
them together on a daily basis).

INTERESTING NOTE: I have communicated with at least two people
who suffer similar symptoms when they try to read The Lensmen
Gay Martians offer to TH9+ war players - try something different ...

forum.supercell.net › ... › Clan Talk › Looking For Clanmates


As some of you may know, we are the so-called "engineering" war
clan. Some call it rushed, some optimized but whatever. Here's
our short ...
Inside Georgia teen Mars Hallman's star-studded night at ...

thegavoice.com > News > Atlanta'

Nashville, Georgia teenager Mars Hallman just had the weekend of
a lifetime in Beverly ... No rejection, bigotry, or intolerance,”
Beth writes.
Candy giant Mars adding 175 jobs in Georgia, ramping up ...


Wrigley Jr. Co. and Mars Chocolate North America units will add
175 jobs at two Georgia plants as it ramps up production of gum
and chocolate. ... Mars Chocolate North America will add 20 jobs
at its Albany, Ga., factory over the next three years as part of
the upcoming national ...
In Georgia, a jumble of religious freedom bills being proposed


The Georgia legislature is wading through eight religious
freedom bills ... According to the HRC, state legislatures have
seen an increase in anti-LGBT bills ..... March Madness,
brackets and basketball on Mars (or something?) ...
Repairing the "March of Mars" : the Civil War... - HathiTrust ...


Repairing the "March of Mars" : the Civil War diaries of John
Samuel Apperson, hospital steward in the Stonewall Brigade, 1861-
1865 / edited by John Herbert ...
The Stonewall Chart (MyOutSpirit.com Gay Spirituality Blog)


Mars retrograde suggests that the gay community is learning to
reclaim ... The Stonewall chart suggests that the spirit of the
gay community ...
Schism of Mars - Lexicanum


Mar 4, 2016 - The Schism of Mars is the name given to the civil
war that erupted on Mars during the early stages of the Horus
Heresy. The schism involved all ...

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they flu here bro, via spaceship... flu... biological warfare!!

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