Organized Psychological Harassment (Are terror stalking initiatives using chemical pesticides, and more, to slowly poison their victims, targets of covert harassment)
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Are terror stalking initiatives using chemical pesticides, and more,
to slowly poison their victims, targets of covert harassment?
Organized Psychological Harassment

Excerpt From:

Fumigations Unexplained taste corruption of coffee and food, laced

The patient/victim entered South Coast Recovery, San Juan
Capistrano, in early August, and left in mid October. What he
experienced there was a continuation of what I had experienced at the
CIRT rehab in Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as at the Denver
International Youth Hostel, in Denver , Colorado.

“At South Coast Recovery many of my roomates seemed to be perpetrating
spraying at night around my bed. Often my clothing would have been
sprayed, for some strange smells would be about them. This would
happen to the bedding as well. Identical happenings took place both at
the Denver International Youth Hostel, and Colorado West Recovery,
Grand Junction.”

Locations of chemical fumigations/laced items:

Denver International Youth Hostel
CIRT Grand Junction, Colorado
South Coast Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.
This awful assult with fumes and strange unnatural scents has been
happening for some time, and since it is covertly done, the victim has
never been  able to identify it, he can only explained such occurances
to friends and family.The victim has been assaulted by covert
harassments since February of this year, and one defining element
that  have been difficult to explain to people is …”scent harassments,
chemicals put around me that cause a discomfort in my mouth, and
fumigations while lying in bed.”

The discomfort from the fumes and chemicals, creating numbness, and a
strange sensation in the mouth, feels similar to breathing aresol
sprays of some chemical cleaner.
Also chemically laced cigarettes, sometimes from packs ofalready
opened that have been tampered with. The victim has been drugged as
well, with mild stimulants of some sort, that seem to make one feel on
edge, or give me a feeling of uneasy, nervousness, and cuasing me to
feel uncomfortable in social settings.
covert chemicals either put in the victim’s coffee, as well as
from unidentifed sources possible gassings, which cause one to feel
quite uncomposed, unsettled, and generally strange.
The above may have explaination from the passage below, which states
that terror stalking individuals use the following in covert manners
directed at their targets:

Psychotomimetic Agents (drugs)click4link
Organic Phosphate Pesticidesclick4link
“Since mid February, this year, I have been assaulted with fumes and
gases, as well as artificial chemical tastes in coffee, and
cigarettes, as well as some foods. Tea bags in a box will have been
chemically laced, seemingly, though at the time I thought it to be
simple taste and smell harassment. Are terror stalking initiatives
using chemical pesticides, and more, to slowly poison their victims,
targets of covert harassment. Drugs have been covertly used to alter
this victims moods, and state of mind, to undermine the victim’s
psychological well being.” mdjk

Possible felony assaults, that may explain some of the covert
fumigations. Text is specific to the subject of gang stalking/terror

The mental and physical effects described by most targets are achieved
by covert poisoning using more or less common neruo-interrupters
(organic phosphate pesticides), psychotomimetic agents (drugs) and
irritants.The chemicals can be administered by “flipped” coworkers,
neighbors, friends, family, local strangers and old or new
professional (paid) perps. Neuro-interrupters have a cumulative
effect. With successive poisonings there is a gradual decrease in
cognitive functioning which is what is intended.

Some psyhcotomimetic agents, usually LSD or similar will be applied to
surfaces the victim will ordinarily touch, door handles, cabinet
drawers, any place in their home, car and places at work. Daily
vitamins, coffee, shampoo or anything used or consumed on a daily
basis is a potential contamination target, especially single use
items. In the home milk is often contaminated with OP pesticide. It is
obvious if put in any clear liquid because the liquid becomes cloudy.
After they[perpetrators] believe they have compromised the victims
credibility they will become more active and aggressive with
contamination and all other aspects of the “organized assault”

 -annonymous post: http://www.gangstalkingworld.com

The results of this chemical fume harassment activity, an unstable
mental state in the victim, serves to support the argument, which
is based on fiction and based on the need by some people to protect
themselves from the guilt of committing crimes, that the
victim suffers from psychosis.

The victim has been misdiagnosed with psychosis, the use of chemical
and fumigations serve not only to harass the victim, but
also undermine his psychological well being, and perhaps thus lending
much to the misdiagnosis staed above.

The overall harassment may be aimed to cause the individual to have no
credibility, regarding the harassment claims, as well as in the
general sense of the word.

Terror stalking, is highly criminal activity, possibly hired
activity, aimed at ruin an innocent person’s life through slander, and
harassment, endeavors to achieve this.hereclik

The covert use of substances, gasses and laced items have all
been part of a larger harassment.

 ‘For much of this year, I have endured at night, while sleeping or
laying in bed, at rehab facilities, and Denver’s International Youth
Hostel, scent harassments, and fumigations, some causing me to feel
strange, with unnatural sensations in my mouth. Often my clothing in
dressers and closets will be sprayed. With coffee and other itmes of
consumption, I have experienced not only the corruption of taste, but
often an unidentified chemical taste may be present. For long I have
simply tought that such daily encounters were taste and scent
harassment, though now I am beginning to wonder if the clients in the
facilities were actually poisoning me. I do know for certain that
covertly drugs were put into my body, and this served to undermine my
psychology, and cause me discomfort in social settings, settings that
had an element of subtle serial pety disrespects, and harassments. ‘

The use of covert gassings and lacing of items for consumtpion has
served to undermine his psychological state, and support claims
that the victim is mentally unstable.

The fact that this harassment has been pervasive, and has been
perpetrated in facilities of recovery and psychiatry must lead one to
conclude that such facilities are being misused for the purpose of
organised abuse and harassment, the likes that can be explained
through understanding the following criminal phenomena:

terror stalking/gang stalking/multistalking.

organised psychological harassment recovery example click here

Fumigations and chemical/drug assualts in Guangzhou China:   

The author of this text can be contacted at 
***@yahoo.com and ***@yahoo.com. The author, 
has an  MA, and has travelled extensively, and is a victim of terror/
gang stalking. Other blogs are on the web: Gang Stalking China, Covert
Harassment Guangzhou, Psychological Harassment and Violence in
Recovery/AA. He has used the names minigh dimol k/ waterich, 
andtextualwaters. His stories of this victimization can be found on
gangstalkingworld.com, where he uses the psudonym nonent. All are
real  stories based on a victim of a crime that affects certain
targetted people today .  Certain people involved will hope the
harassment of this target continues, possibly till it drives the
victim towards suicide, as many of the tactics of this pervasive
assault on an individual are not only to drive the person into mental
instability, but are designed often to induce suicide.

Links:  http://www.raven1.net

here: terror stalking chemicals/drugs

Links:  Organised psychological harassment AA/recovery:


Book review   http://www.raven1.net/terstalk.htm

multistalking/covert harassment    http://www.raven1.net/

***@yahoo.com victim of ongoing terror harassment,

The patient has traveled much, completed graduate work abroad, and
kept a full time jobs abroad and in the United States. He had worked
in education, as well. He has never before had any psychological
problems, and no such problems run in his family.

Since early this year, he has been struck with a terror stalking(gang
stalking) campaign, that has not only effected him, but has effected
his family and friends. He has been pushed into the recovery industry,
seemingly as part of this terror stalking initiative, and has no
alcohol or substance abuse problems, or history of such. In the
recovery institutions he has endured great suffering through covert
harassments, chemical assaults, and laced items of consumption. He has
also been victim of outright abuse within recovery and psychiatry,
which is often the case for victims of organised harassment(see links

 link chemicalweapons:  http://www.opcw.org/resp/html/psyco.html

November 23, 200651 Replies
PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT ( terror ) Fumigations, psychology tactics
and technology
If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are
not being “gangstalked” . “Gangstalking” is described on some websites
as a bunch of people “just” following you around doing strange skits.
That would just be annoying compared to what it really is. Although it
might be possible that victims are not aware of where their “symptoms”
are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then
began to see a relationship between my “illnesses” and what can only
be described as felony assaults……………..

annonymous post from www.gangstalkingworld :

” “Gangstalking” is a “catchphrase” name describing what has become a
part of traditional and new organized crime that is networking through
the United States and some other countries.

Organized crime groups and “criminal elements” from all walks of life
use or hire for pay, criminal organized stalking crews to assault
“targets” to cover up financial or other crimes.

These criminals “contract” with the covert organized assault crews:

 to silence any potential witness or “trouble maker”, whether real or
imagined, that could possibly effect their lives.
“contract” / “assault squad” to discredit and silence …………using their
criminal “gas-lighting” methods.
These “organized criminal crews“ assault

[victim's] family, friends, neighbors and many people in  community.

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