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First of all, if you have read this entire website, you will
understand that something is wrong with the system in general. But,
you dont have to go far, to be able to realize that most of the
systems of the world are in shambles; no matter where you are at, no
matter what the issue is concerning, or what is happening. All people
must realize that, "All bad can be a seed for good"; as in this case,
it just happened to be that we were dealing with the Mold
Issue. We most likely would not have found the proper medical
attention, had all of this went any other way than it did. We must
look to bright side of things in this regard. The sad part of all of
this, is that we worry that there are folks like ourselves out there,
that are very sick, and/or not waking up today, tomorrow, or, have
in the past, from possibly death due to this. What we
have uncovered, most folks will never know anything about, unless
someone tells them, like this story, as we feel is meant to tell, not
coverup, so as to put others years ahead of where we started out,
trying to figure out all of this! I will make reference to several
different entities, subjects of interest, quotes and other types of
material, as to relate to what we are trying to depict, in a
truthful manner.

"All truth passes through 3 stages; first, it is ridiculed, second,
is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self evident"
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

MS has been rated the most corrupt judicial system in the nation.

MS has been rated the worst healthcare system in the nation. 2007

MS has been rated the worst for infant mortality in the nation. 2007

MS has almost always been rated the poorest state in the nation,
record keeping data started.

MS was exposed to the worst natural disaster in the nations history.
2005/Hurricane Katrina

MS has many other low, if not the lowest ratings in the nation, in
many other areas as well.

With all of these points made, MS has many good attributes as well,
and some better than many of the other states, but, in most any
society, civilization or country, as I've probbaly visited appx. 20
countries myself; you will always notice that the worst of the worst,
usually always comes out of the poorest regions on earth, and that
people of these regions suffer the most, most always at the hands of
the "well-to-do", or the "higher-ups"; and in proportion to an
individuals rankings monetarily, in that area, is usually
the determining factor in their outcome, in most of the areas of
lives and or livelihood. It is somewhat like a cast system if you
to call it that, or a pecking order. A man once told me that MS is
Mexcio of America. In some ways it could be viewed this way I am
even though I love my home here. I have reservations about what I am
beginning to see and learn now, that most people would have never
dreamed of, had they not walked in my shoes. We all know, that most
anywhere you go, can be as bad as another area, possibly in just
different ways. We just happened to be in MS where our demise took
place, so naturally, we started investigating, to see what we were up
against and why?

An interesting (Article & Podcast of John Grisham), being interviewed
by Bill Moyers on PBS, I thought really summed up, in more words than
one, what is going on in some of the political arenas, especially in
MS. Grisham is getting into some non-fiction books and stories now,
but as he states, it comes with a lot of investigating and extra
Word has it, that he is now in Stealth Mode, as far as being able to
contact Grisham, as media circles depict, due to death threats, etc.
Anyone that can read between the lines, can understand why many
politicians have not been too happy with his work and what it
Bill Moyers, as we have learned, was displaced from some of his media
endeavours at one time or another, due primarily from his airing
certain particular controversial things, that some of the mainstream
media were not happy seeing exposed. Moyers return to the spotlight,
as we have since learned, was due primarily from popular demand and a
public outcry. The 30-minute Podcast/Video, of Grisham & Moyers
Interview, which is in readable format as well is: http://

This is another very interesting article, that appeared in a
Mississippi News Publication, the "Jackson Free Press". This article
exposes many issues that you might not hear through typical media
avenues. This article will shed light on a real problem in MS,
especially regarding Insurance. It will help one better understand
deep some of the issues go. This article sheds light on the Dicky
Scruggs issue; including the mention of others, like Trent Lott, Paul
Minor, Oliver Diaz, Etc. It is an eye-opener to many in MS, as well
across the country. One could possibly speculate, that this
article, directly &/or indirectly, correlates with what John Grisham
depicts in the above link. This will help many understand that the
corporate conglomerates, such as many large insurance companies, do
not take lightly as per being exposed, as well as being made pay
debts to society & their policyholders. It depicts the same scenario
that has been around for years; whereby many insurance companies and
large corporations had rather pay the politicians and attorneys,
versus the public and/or plaintiffs which have been wronged. This
basically enlightened us, as to what we were up against. Most who
read this article, state that there was wrong doing by most named
defendants, but, when one looks at the big picture, and the entire
scope of this in it's entirety, it is very scary! A friend of mine,
upon viewing this article, stated; "We Are Now Living In A Fascist
Dictatorship". (This goes back to the saying, "The One Who Owns The
Gold, Rules"). The Link is: http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/comments.php?id=15380_0_9_0_C

"The marvel of all history, is the patience with which men and women,
submit to burdens unneccessarily laid upon them by their
George Washington

I had several friends & relatives, who frequented my trial that we
lost in; some of these people were fluent in understanding legal
procedures unlike ourselves. They came offering counsel and support.
Many of them believed that even if we had won this case, no matter
what the verdict or outcome would have been monetarily, that most
surely there would have been an appeal, so as not to set a
or let this information that we had, leak out to the public or
In other words, several of the people who came and sat with us,
that we knew too much about the Mold Issue, and that most of the
entities involved here, would do just about anything to keep this
quiet. This is not to mention, that the mobile home industry, with
the flaws we found with them, could possibly be exposed as well. Our
case actually was a double or triple threat to too many entities
involved, whether directly or indirectly.

During the course of the years that we have been involved in this
case, I had been warned by numerous people; including law-enforcement
officials, attorneys, business owners, etc., to be careful about
you know". Thus meaning that I/we, were up against serious money
and that these people would use any methods to try and stop this
information from being revealed.


*Sometimes, before some of our legal proceedings, we would recieve
obscene phone calls with unlisted numbers, which we assumed were
accidental miss calls. None of these happened at any other times, and
havent since.

*We have had nearby neighbors, mention that they had people in the
community tell them, that we were just suing to get money from the
entities involved in this case, and that we werent sick at all. Of
course none of these people have ever seen the home, or investigated
or looked at our medical bills either.

*The most bizarre incident came when a candidate for sheriff, came by
my home one day, stating that a certain individual in the community,
who lived closeby, had shown him a pile of video tapes, and told him
that we were dealing drugs, and that he had been monitoring our home
and business for years now, and that he wanted him to help him
incriminate us should he be elected. It has been the laugh of the
community, not to mention, what an idiot. First of all, any drug
dealer I have ever heard of, steers clear of the juducial system,
or trying to do what is morally right, second of all, if this were
true, why would we be fighting for what is rightfully ours that we
have lost, as we would naturally have plenty of money if this were
case, and want out of the spotlight with the legal system entirely,
furthermore, going up against a system with big money, while our
whole family was sick at the same time, and trying to get well, not
mention, some of the people we knew, that had quit talking to us in
the community, not only due to one of the entities we were suing, and
his ties to many of the people in our community, due to his long
established business and political influence in the area. We have
always wondered if big insurance, or any of the entities being sued
might have been behind this. A lady who had been in a terrible Mold
lawsuit out in Texas, that recieved national attention, reccomended
that we watch a particular movie called, "Runaway Jury", as she said
it depicts the lengths that some insurance comapnies will go, to get
something on you or to set you up, especially if you are onto
something that could cost them huge sums of money. She mentioned that
on 2 seperate occassions, that men broke in her home during her
lawsuit, and she actually shot one of the men in the back with a

* We had a man working at our home one day while we were at a legal
proceeding. He stated that his truck was parked where it could not be
seen from the road, as he was raking leaves and loading them into his
truck behind our home. He stated that a vehicle drove up the
and as he saw it, he went to it, and asked the man what he needed. He
stated that the man said that he had worked for me years ago, and was
just coming by to say hello. We have an electronic gate, so he asked
the man how he got in, and he said the man showed him a large device
like a programming analyzer, that he said he got in the gate with, my
man said he had never seen a gate opener like this one before, as he
knew ours all looked the same. He said the man left immeadilately
after seeing that I wasnt home. How odd we thought, we sell
we meet by appointment due to owning 2 businesses that we run, and
this has never happened before.

*The day of our first trial, whereby the judge recused himself, we
were at home, getting ready for a 9AM trial, I smelled smoke, looked
out our window, and appx. 1/4 mile away at my office, I saw a large
fire burning at appx. 6AM. Of course, this is where we had a place to
burn wood at times, but it was starting to get into the field before
could get to it. I put the fire out immeadiately. Then, what really
concerned me; was that we were in a severe drought and under a burn-
ban, for actually everything south of I-20/appx. 75 miles away. This
would have burned up not only my land, but possibly all the
neighboring woodlands that our lands join. How convenient to not be
able to be at a trial you have been waiting almost 3 years for, not
mention, possibly being arrested for arson, etc.

Since this Legal Undertaking of ours started; we have never seen the
likes of how popular our property has become. (Sometimes
I've wondered
if we owned land that now had acquired some type of hidden secrets or
treasures, that surely we dont know about)! We've had everything
Grave-Seekers, Artifact & Relic-Hunters, Lost and/or Delerious, as
well as possibly Drug-Crazed Tresspassers, People wanting permission
to fish in water 3-6 inches deep, near a road/bridge, then to see
these same peoples relatives, running on foot, from this same area,
as to get in their cars to race away, when traffic or we would
approach our gate to leave our property, of course we had not granted
any permission as well. One and/or two women at a time, coming to our
business, so as to buy heavy equipment, and/or farm related
of course never purchasing anything, but some we could tell were
drinking, and/or using drugs, some were just plain provocative
men. People inviting you on their property, so as when you arrive,
they then try to initiate an incident or fight, then thereafter,
usually every time you see them, are nice again, and continue to
invite you to come over to their property again to see them, and/or
have issues they call you usually at night about, we presume to get
back on their property. There are other issues as well, but how
ironic, in 20 years of doing business, as well as a lifetime of never
facing any of these odd occurrences, they all transpire while engaged
in this legal delimna.

*There were many former employees, as well as others, who had worked
for this mobile home dealer that we purchased our home from, who I
from time to time, usually from being out in the public, that would
tell me they were sorry about what all had happened to my family, and
even wanted to know if we had ever been compenstated for our losses.
These people would even provide damning evidence about some of the
atrocities that they saw this dealer commit, some of them would go
into details about why and how this happened to us. They sometimes
would mention that some of the same things that happened to our home,
they had seen happen to others years before this/our delimna. Later,
when I and my attorney went to see them in person, they either
remember anything. or simply wouldnt talk, but the ones that would,
would tell everything that they knew, but asked that we not drag them
into court. We understood that they were for the most part scared.

*The saddest part about all of this, is that we have lost a few
friends over this, and even had a few relatives that didnt want
anything to do with us, or this issue anymore. For the most part, it
was because they didnt want to have to testify, and/or verify as to
what they had seen with this home, that they knew for a fact, was
wrong, but would have put them at an inconvienence, or at odds with
some of the social fabric in the community that some of the people we
were bucking would not like.

*There are other things that happened, that are really bizarre, but
cannot be proven, but are well documented, but, what really matters
here, is that the people get the proper information with this
in its entirety, so as to help other families or those deling with
of these type delimnas. Ours just happened to be Mold!

"When your one step ahead of the crowd, your a genius, when your two
steps ahead, your a crackpot!"
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (Feb. 1998)

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